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Project Summary

Weblications redesigned the Philadelphia Zoo Website and iPhone App. Weblications also created a mobile website and Android App.  The Websites were implemented using the Kentico CMS. The goals of the website redesign included:

  • Improved graphical design
  • more inuitive navigation and architecture
  • Provide additional tools for visitors to make thier visit more engaging and pleasurable.
  • Better integration with Zoo departments and to facilitate real-time updates of information from those departments (e.g. Attractions that are open/closed, parking garages that are full/open, etc.)
  • Creation of an Intranet for beter communications with employees and departments of the zoo)
  • Inegration with Intranet (Zoonet) for daily events and activities
  • Creation fo Kiosks (ZooTV) around the Zoo for employees that would provide internal and zoo-wide information pertinent to employees.

The Philadelphia Zoo’s 42-acre Victorian garden is home to more than 1,300 animals, many of them rare and endangered. By connecting people with wildlife, the Philadelphia Zoo creates joyful discovery and inspires action for animals and habitats. Cheetahs, hippos, giraffes and much more make the Zoo Philadelphia's leading family attraction with over 1.2 million visitors last year.

Project Implementation

In order to meet the requirements of the Philadelphia Zoo, Weblications worked with all of the departments and staff involved in teh planning and day-to-day activities. For example, to insure that the parking garage information would be real-time for visitors on their wat to the Zoo, we created mobile entry screen apps that the garage personnel could update using their mobile phones. As soon as the information was updated, it would be live on the website. This functionality was also made avialble to those personnel amanging the events and attractions so the information on the website would correct at all times.

A trip planning appliciation was created using jQuery / Javascript that would allow a visitor to map out their visit to the Zoo before levaing their home (This could also be done on the iPhone App as well). Once the visit was saved, a code could then be enterd into the mobile version of the website that would give the visitors a roadmap of what they wanted to make sure they did not miss. A special trip planner was also created for the KidZooU.

A self-running application under the website call ZooTV was created and powered using jQuery/Javascript. This consists of a series of screens with information that includes schedules, weather, events, news and employee recongition.  ZooTV is completely self running and maintained using the CMS.

Finally, an Intranet was created for use by the Zoo Emplyees that contains online forms (to eliminate paper submission of certain requests), directory of employees, news (internal and external), a document library, Events and so on.  The Intrnet is built on the Kentico CMS w/ Intranet Portal Option.

The Website and Intranet share information through use of Kentico Custom Tables and allow for singular sources of information without duplicity.  A big time saver.

Project Results

The Philadelphia Zoo Website took approximatly 5 months to redesign, implement and launch. It was launched in both desktop and mobile versions - the mobile version tailored very specific to what a visitor would need to accesd while on the go at the zoo. The maintenance and updating of the site by multiple departmnets and personnel around the zoo was new and has proved to be very useful to the visitors who can now receive up to the minute information on what is going on at the zoo while in transit.

The ZooNet and ZooTV applications have been very helpful with the internal communications of all of the department employees as well as the volunteers. Some of the online functionality is streamlining and speeding up some of the processes which is making workers more productive.

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