Online Surveys & Polls

Weblications' web based survey solution from ClassApps enables you to produce and publish surveys and questionnaires on the Internet or your intranet in minutes using a regular web browser. You create, publish, and manage your surveys through a standard web browser. No need for cumbersome installations on client computers. Reports are immediately available after respondents have started answering your survey, and can be displayed directly in your web browser, or exported to other statistical applications for further analysis.

Features include:
  • Open database architecture - create your own reports
  • 100% web based - no client installations
  • Conditional branching - ask relevant questions only
  • Export data - for external analysis
  • Instant survey publication
  • Answer surveys from web browsers
  • Conditional branching
  • Conditional reporting (report relevant data)
  • Create and manage survey groups
  • Define multiple survey publishers
  • Password protect surveys for publishers
  • Optional authentication of respondents
  • Prevent multiple responses from the same person
  • Create invitation lists for surveys
  • Clone existing surveys
  • Define start and stop dates for surveys
  • Archive old surveys
  • Easy inclusion of standard input fields
  • Creation of custom input fields
  • Set questionnaire background image and color
  • Set questionnaire font type, size, and color
  • Include matrix questions
  • Include rating questions
  • Include multiple choice questions
  • Include free text questions
  • Include drop down lists
  • Include pictures in questions
  • Responses are checked for data validity
  • Answer all questions at once, or one questions per page
  • Create summary reports with informative charts
  • Inspect single responses to a survey
  • Create complete comment reports for a survey
  • Export survey answers to external statistical applications


Weblications' web-based polling solution allows adding polls to your web site quickly and easily. Polls can be created and scheduled to appear at a future date. Only one line of code is placed on your web site to insert the poll into your web page.

Features include:

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive HTML administration interface allows you to administer the product from any location with web access. The look and feel (colors and style) are defined globally in the preferences allowing you to match the colors and fonts of your existing web site.
  • Supports an unlimited number of polls. Multiple polls can be placed on the same page.
  • Polls can be shown in zones allowing you to create and schedule polls to appear at a future date.
  • Polls can be placed directly on a page as HTML. Polls can also be inserted in Newsletters as HTML.
  • Includes both IP Address and Cookie tracking to prevent duplicate polling.
  • Support 3 Types of polls including Radio Buttons, Multi-Select check boxes, and drop-down menus.
  • Templates are used to define the look and feel of each poll.