Team Members

Bob Weber
President & Owner

Bob, President and Owner, has 35 years of experience in "Solving business problems using technology" - which is what the Internet is all about. Bob has architected over 400 web sites from simple informational designs to very complex database driven e-commerce malls. Bob is very proficient in architecting off-the-shelf solutions to meet the objectives of the web site, keeping costs lower and getting the job done as quickly as possible. Bob has a BS & MS from Northwestern University. When Bob is not working in the office he loves to play piano and sing, tennis, mountain bike and volunteer in not for profit agencies.

Jason Ertel
Network Engineer / Customer Service / Data Center

Jason is lead customer support professional and our resident networking expert. E-mail spam, computer viruses and worms, operating system patches and fixes, firewall configuration, router tables, data backups - all the super techy stuff is Jason's domain. Jason is also super at helping debug client web sites when asked. Jason attended Rutgers University and when he is not immersed in tcp/ip, he is snapping more pictures for his award winning photo blog, sampling fine single malt scotches, biking and being a great dad to his 6 children..

Justin Gaynor
Senior Web Developer / Mobile Developer

Justin, our Lead iPhone/Android Software Engineer and Senior Web Developer, graduated from The College of New Jersey with a degree in Interactive Multimedia with concentrations in Photography and Graphic Design. Justin has almost 20 years of experience in the field of web design, with a strong focus on standards-compliant CSS, Javascript implementation and user interface design.

Justin is also an established software engineer in the mobile space, with over 20 apps published between the Apple App Store and Google Play marketplaces. Justin has expert knowledge of both the Objective-C and Java programming languages, used for writing iOS and Android applications, respectively. By constantly researching and learning, Justin always has up to date knowledge of the latest services, techniques, and other tricks of the trade. Outside of the office, Justin is an aspiring photographer, sports fan, and TV enthusiast.

Chris Coppola
Web Developer / Designer
Chris joined Weblications as a web developer with exceptional experience in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Chris has a passion for making code beautiful, easy to read, and maintainable, and he follows the most modern web design principles and standards. He is a fast learner, and can pick up new technologies and frameworks very quickly. His primary focus in the office is maintaining and updates our clients' websites, as well as devloping new sites using Kentico.

Outside of the office, Chris likes to write music, go out with friends, and challenge himself with a variety of coding projects. Some projects Chris has worked on include writing basic game engines, web scrapers, and helpful tools for web developers.

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