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Project Summary

With 3FX's sole focus of creating custom, accurate and dynamic visualizations of pharmaceutical, biomedical, device and health related technologies, the award winning design team established themselves as experts in creating medical animation. 3FX specializes in the development and creation of 3D life science animation and visual effects for the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device, Medical Agency and CME markets.

3FX had the objectives of: (1) Making a FREE downloadable App; (2) Creating an iPad App that could demonstrate a representative sample of 3Fx's capabilities, (3) Providing high quality animation samples; and (4) Providing information about the visual production process.

Project Implementation

In order to address the objectives, Weblications worked closely with 3FX technical and marketing individuals to map out an application that addressed the concerns of the of the marketing and sales people alike, increasing the likelihood that the App would have positive results. The resulting App provides easy to use demo of the complete 3FX offering - from visual resource apps to video production to stereoscopic 3D and holographic animations to creative broadcast. Weblications provided simple, creative and straight forward navigation for easy App execution.  The App was programmed using native Apple IOS platform tools. Weblications has implemented some "nifty" navigational techniques for viewing the animations and informational PDF files.

The iPad App took about 2 months to create with the advisory and art related assistance of 3FX. It was then submitted to Apple and approved by them without any problems. Weblications implemented tracking software from Flurry to track the user experience and find out the most highly used section of the App. This information will be instrumental in a version 2 update.

The App had several goals in mind: (1) Provide interested 3FX prospects with the ability to view high quality sample animations on a mobile platform;  and (2) Provide prospects with all of 3FX's creative and production capabilities to potentially up-sell current clients. The App is fairly new and is beginning to gather information that can be used to a assess what should be updated in the next release of the iPad App.

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