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Project Summary

The American Migraine Foundation had the objectives of: (1) Increasing awareness of migraine headaches, (2) Providing a mechanism for assessing the impact of headaches on your life; (3) Providing a way to record headache episodes and share that information with a professional; (4) Provide a directory of specialists in your area; and (5) Provide educational and information resources on migraine headaches.

The App can be of benefit to those suffering from migraine related headaches by logging information for use by their physician in ongoing treatment.  For those who are not educated in migraines can find the resources and assessment of particular interest and usefulness.

Project Implementation

In order to address the objectives, Weblications worked closely with a group of physicians and marketing individuals to map out an application that addressed the concerns of the of the physicians and association marketing  people alike, increasing the likelihood that the App would have positive results. The resulting App provides easy to use tools to record/chronicle headache episodes - this valuable information can be used by professionals to help with assessment and ongoing consultation. Weblications simple and straight forward navigation for easy App execution.  The Assessment provides immediate feedback based on the information entered.  The Resources section that contains news and articles is taken from the American Migraine Foundation web site and is kept current along with the physician database.

Project Results

The iPhone App took about 3 months to create with the advisory assistance of the American Migraine Foundation. It was then submitted to Apple and approved by them without any problems. Weblications implemented tracking software from Flurry to track the user experience and find out the most highly used section of the App. This information will be instrumental in a version 2 update.

The App had several goals in mind: (1) Provide interested people with the ability to assess their condition; (2) Keep a diary of migraine headache type episodes that could then be sent to a physician; (3) Provide a specialized list of migraine specialists for consultation; and (4) provide up to date educational information around migraines to the general public.  The traffic recorded shows good traffic to all of these section on the app.

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