Assist America Website

Assist America Website


Project Summary

Assist America has been a client since 1995.  Assist America is a provider of global emergency medical services for travelers.  In addition to creating their company web site, Weblications created an “Intranet” for staff and clients.  Both the website and Intranet were implemented using the Kentico Content Management System.  In addition, a mobile version and Apps for iPhone and Android platforms were created.
The Objectives of the project are shown below:
  • Use of Kentico for website content management and Intranet functionality
  • Desktop website and mobile device implementations
  • Integration with outside service called Country Watch for subscriber Pre-Trip information
  • Create of on-demand Surveys (in multiple languages) to provide client feedback
  • Protected Intranet System – Limited access to information based on login credentials

Project Implementation

Weblications architect the website (desktop and mobile) functionality. The entire solution was implemented using the Kentico Content Management System, utilizing much of the build in functionality to build out all of the functionality which included content section specific case studies and news.

In order to meet the requirements of Assist America, Weblications worked with all of the departments and staff involved in the planning and day-to-day activities. The News Spotlight consists of information from Twitter, Assist Alerts, press releases and articles.  These are all based on a customized news document  type in Kentico.

The mobile implementation is specific to the needs of the mobile user.  The content is pulled automatically from other sections of the website (including the services and news).  Only the main content needs to be updated to update the mobile automatically as well.

An Intranet Portal for Assist America employees and their clients was set up to share marketing information and news using the Kentico Intranet Portal option.

The Website is hosted at the Weblications Hosting Facility - Weblications is a Kentico Web Hosting Partner.

Project Results

The Assist America Corp website took approximately 3 months to redesign, implement and launch. It was launched in both desktop and mobile versions - the mobile version tailored very specific to what a visitor would need to access while on the go. The maintenance and updating of the site by multiple departments and personnel around the company was new and has proved to allow efficient use of Assist America personnel time.

The Intranet Portal took about 3.5 months to implement and launch. It has made the dissemination of materials quicker and easier for their clients and employees.

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