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Barnet Products iPad App

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Project Summary

Barnet Products Corp. had the objectives of: (1) Provide the sales force with an engaging way to sell their products - using iPad; (2) Providing their sales force with up-to-date information about company products, (3) Providing the sales force with the latest product and application  presentations; (4) Providing the sales force with the latests announcements; (5) Select which information is available to each individual salesperson by login ID; and (6) be able to maintain the content of the iPad App via a Web Application Interface.

The App is a huge help for the sales people in the field.  All product data sheets and specification along with application and general presentations are installed on the iPad in a very easy to use App. Presenting on the iPad is very sexy and provides a high mark on the up-to-date technology checklist.

Project Implementation

In order to address the objectives, Weblications worked closely with Barnet Products marketing individuals to map out an application that addressed the concerns of the of sales force, increasing the likelihood that the App would have positive results. The resulting App provides easy to use functionality to view their product offerings including technical data sheets, presentations that can be viewed on the iPad (PDF format).  For Security proposes, the sales person must login into the App to use / view the information.  The information cannot be copied or emailed from the iPad so it is secure.

A web-based admin system allows the Barnet Products staff to update product specs, presentation and so on.  Every time a sales person logs into the system, a check is made for new uploads and the information is updated. The admin system also controls user access to the App and the content within.

Project Results

The iPad App took about 3 months to create with the advisory assistance of  Barnet Products staff. It was then submitted to Apple and approved by them without any problems. Weblications implemented tracking software from Flurry to track the user experience and find out the most highly used section of the App. This information will be instrumental in a version 2 update.

The App had several goals in mind: (1) Provide sales force with the latest product and presentation information on a mobile platform for easy and engaging presentations; (2) Control access to information;   and (3) Provide a way of keeping the sales force up to date on announcements and press releases.  The traffic recorded shows good traffic to all of these section on the app.

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