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Our web-based EBlast E-Mail marketing application enables opt-in email lists, email newsletters, email announcements, email list hosting, direct email campaigns and bulk email campaigns. Our service supports an unlimited number of mailing lists and newsletters. Each person can subscribe to one or more Newsletter Lists. The system uses a confirmed opt-in method to prevent malicious behavior. Weblications tracks full statistics with each email marketing campaign including views/opens, and clicks on each link. These statistics can be drilled down to individual subscribers.

EBlast Basic Service

starting at $10.00 / month Features include:

  • Creates HTML Web Forms/opt-in/signup pages that can be placed on your web site.
  • Provides displayable newsletter archive that can be placed on your web site.
  • Full stats tracking of views/opens and clicks on each link in the newsletter in order to measure the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.
  • Our Email marketing software was developed for the Windows .net platform and Microsoft SQL Server database engine.
  • Built-in WYSIWYG editor for creating HTML newsletters directly within our web application.
  • Supports Auto Responses based on subscriber activity. For example, you can send a specific email when a subscriber Joins a list, clicks a link, views a newsletter, or updates their subscriptions. Subscribers can be added/removed from specific lists when such triggers occur.
  • Supports numerous sending criteria including Demographics; based on views/clicks or lack of views and clicks; based on bounces; based on delivery format; list splitting by odd/even subscribers; list splitting by first half/last half; and more.
  • Includes multiple user account levels including overall Administrator, Admin Users, Site Users and Sub Users.

GREAT REPORTING!! Ability to measure the effectiveness of an email campaign by tracking views, open rates, and clicks for each individual newsletter campaign. Ability to track views, open rate, and clicks for each individual subscriber. Clicks can also be tracked on each individual link. Follow-up newsletters can be sent to those who clicked on a specific link(s).

View complete feature and pricing for the Basic EBlast service.

EBlast Plus Service

starting at $100.00 / month EBlast Basic Service Plus includes all the features of the EBlast Basic Service and:

  • Weblications will create a custom newsletter template for your use.
  • Weblications will create and send up to 5 newsletters per month.
  • Weblications will maintain your e-mail list and update as required when provided with an update.
  • Weblications will create a newsletter archive for your web site.

View complete feature and pricing for the EBlast Plus service.

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