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Weblications is:

  • One of the only few Kentico Gold Partners worldwide with over 100+ Kentico designed websites.
  • Top Kentico Designer / Hosting company in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania
  • Winner of multiple Kentico Site of the month awards.
  • In-house certified Kentico Developers.
  • Great portfolio of Kentico websites.

Weblications is a Gold Partner for Kentico who provides a leading-edge ASP.NET Content Management system that will allow businesses to fully maintain their web site with the use of external tools and services. The Kentico CMS is a Web content management system that allows you to easily manage your web site content without technical knowledge. If you need to add some text, image or product to your web site, you can do that through a browser-based user interface without calling the web designer.

Kentico CMS goes beyond content management and offers many additional modules that allow you to create on-line forms, send e-mail newsletters, sell products on-line, and build customer communities and many others.



Intuitive In-context Editing

Kentico CMS allows you to edit the content within the context of the page. It means you can see what the page will look like at the time when you edit it. You can use the What You See Is What You Get editor similar to Word that allows you to format the text, create links and insert images.

Search Engine Optimization

For most web sites, search engine traffic is the primary and most efficient source of visitors. Kentico CMS allows you to create search engine-optimized web site. It gives you full control over your keywords and their placement - you can customize search-engine friendly URL addresses, page titles, keywords and descriptions, link titles and image titles. Also, the CMS generates clean HTML code that can be easily read and followed by the search engine robots.


You are not limited to any predefined website design, navigation or product types. The solution is highly flexible so that it can be used for a wide variety of stores. Also offering enhanced support for mobile websites you can build an on-line store that automatically accommodates to various mobile devices without the need for a redesign.

Web Analytics, Campaigns and Conversions

Kentico CMS allows you to easily track the number of visitors, page views, referring URLs and other useful information about your site traffic. Moreover, you can track your on-line campaigns, create short URL addresses for tracking off-line campaigns and generate conversion reports to determine the success of these campaigns. Conversions may be a newsletter subscription, whitepaper download, user registration or purchase in your on-line store - basically any activity that creates a lead or client.

Create On-line Forms without Programming

On-line forms allow you to grab user contact details and generate leads for your sales team. With Kentico CMS, you can create on-line forms without any programming - you just define the fields and put the form n the page. The entries are stored in the database, sent to your e-mail r exported to Excel. You can also easily set up an auto-response o send an e-mail to the visitor who submitted the form which can e used for sending white papers, marketing collaterals, etc.


Blogs allow you to keep clients up-to-date on what happens in your company. You can inform them about upcoming products, introduce new ideas and get their feedback through moderated comments. With Kentico CMS, you can publish multiple blogs and you can even establish an approval process to avoid accidentally disclosing confidential information.


Forums represent the core of every on-line community. They enable your clients to communicate with your company, as well as other clients. Additionally, you can use them for technical support - allowing clients to resolve each other‘s questions, minimizing the number of support cases and support overhead.

Social Networking

Social Networking Groups can be created by administrators or they can be created and managed by site members. The access to group content can be limited to site members or only to group members. The group members may invite other site members to join their group.

Social Networking functionality includes:

  • Message boards
  • Forums
  • Pages (Wiki)
  • Polls/Media libraries for sharing pictures and videos

Completely Browser-based – No additional software required

For complete information about the Kentico Content Management System, go to their web site at or call Weblications at 609-799-3022 with any specific questions that you might have.

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